The video kind of shows the production part of the sample. Please watch carefully.

Step 1

Sample Shape Confirmation

Typically, we ask customers to send us images of the samples they want to create or any images displaying the shape information of the product. You don’t need to learn any product design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop because we have professional designers who can assist you one-on-one in completing the product design. Once the AI vector graphics for the product are created, we will first send a copy to the customer for confirmation.

Step 2

Confirmation of Sample Details

In this step, we will request customers to provide the product’s dimensions and any specific details. As the shape of some products may affect the dimensions, our designers will provide the optimal size to showcase the aesthetic and coordination of the product. We assure customers that we will continue to make modifications until they are satisfied. After this step, the actual production of the physical sample will commence.

Step 3

Production of Physical Samples

This step involves the production of physical samples using materials from our factory’s existing inventory. Once the sample is completed, we will capture images and videos and send them to the customer for confirmation.

Step 4

Concerning Sample Production

  • 1. Is sample production free? – Regarding sample production, if the customer does not specify the need for samples in specific colors and materials, we provide free sample production. Since our factory has a large inventory of materials, we generally use existing materials and colors for sample production. There is no charge for samples produced based on this standard.
  • 2. What is the time frame for sample production? – Typically, the time frame for sample production is 1-3 working days. If there are printing requirements for the sample, the time may be extended by 1-2 working days.
  • 3. Does sample production support logo creation? – All our products support logo creation. We offer various logo production techniques, with UV printing being a recommended option. If pad printing is required, a tooling cost of $30 is applicable. Other supported techniques include engraving, laser printing, and more.
  • 4.Can samples be shipped to customers? – Certainly, after completing the samples, we usually capture images and videos, along with notes on sample details and suggestions. We will send the samples to customers, but the customer is responsible for covering the shipping costs. Normally, for a sample order, customers only need to pay the shipping fee.


We usually need 7-10 days to manufacture the products. If it meets Chinese holidays then the time will be delayed appropriately.

Of course, we accept any customised requirements for our products. We have professional designers who can help you to solve many product problems that you can’t solve.

Our usual minimum order for a single style and colour is 50 pieces.

We accept T/T and PayPal. 30% deposit and the remaining 70% final payment before shipment. We will send you a video and pictures of the product being made as well as a quality check before shipping.

We accept customised packaging and logos. You just need to tell us your requirements.

Of course, we can provide the service of testing. And we have tested targets during our cooperation with major brands.

We have cooperated with ARDENE(Canada)/ASOS(UK)/Claire’s(USA)/H&M(Sweden)/ebelin-dm(Germany)/PARSA beauty(Germany)/Scunci(USA)/miumiu(Italy)….. A series of international big brands are co-operated.

Of course, you are welcome to visit our factory in China. We will arrange someone to provide you with your schedule plan.

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